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Special Gifts for the Romantically Inclined,on Valentine’s Day

· Valentines day

It is that day again, when the romantically inclined are keen to wear their hearts on their sleeves, for all to see! Yes, the reference is indeed towards Valentine’s Day!

Couples feel that urge to present unique gifts to one another. However, they may need some help to find that one perfect gift, which will render the day unforgettable for all time. Outlined below are some ideas.

Teddies are one’s Best Buddies

It makes no difference whether one is young, middle-aged or old, for everyone loves to cuddle a gentle-looking, soft toy! Despite the huge number of animals present in the world, the majority of people go for teddies as their best buddies! There is simply no explanation for this phenomenon! Therefore, if one desires to go in for an ‘animal’ as a valentine’s day gift, one may opt for teeny-weeny four-inch specimens, or even for a large, 30-inch bear. All that one would have to do would be to ask oneself, “Which is the receiver’s favorite color?” There are shades of brown, pink, yellow, cream, white and red on display.

Going Personal

Another category of gifts focus on the ‘personal’ aspect of the relationship. For instance, time becomes an important factor when the couple are extra keen to organise dates, outings, etc, all the time. Gifting a watch designed by Fast Track or Sonata, might seem like a splendid idea, then. There are the marvellously masculine pieces, sober in their hues, perfectly suitable for HIM. Similarly, there are the delicate, feminine-looking samples, which serve to appeal to the female wrist immensely.

If not watches, apparel may be a good choice. He would love to show off his dashing personality in formal trousers or jeans, combined with great-looking T-shirts or formal shirts. In turn, she would love to know which salwar suits or sarees suffice to display her figure to perfection. Of course, the women’s section always tends to be on the brighter side, in comparison to the men’s section!

Other choices include handbags, the Laughing Buddha and other Feng Shui items, thalis for worship, etc. What more could one ask for, on Valentine’s Day?

Delightful Hampers

The arrival of a floral bliss is bound to arouse curiosity in the mind of the recipient. What contents are hidden within the well-decorated package? It could be a dozen, brilliantly-red roses, accompanied by 40 pieces of Ferrero Rocher. The roses could be taken as a proclamation of deep and passionate love, not once, not twice, but a dozen times! Furthermore, the relationship was expected to proceed in a similarly smooth and sweet manner in the future too, as evinced by the presence of delicious chocolates! An alternative would be to forward 12 red roses, along with a gooey and delectable chocolate truffle cake. A cute-looking teddy bear would suffice to complete the picture!

Gift hampers may be customized to suit the receiver’s moods and wishes. Towards this end, therefore, it may be filled with chocoholics goodies, yummy and good-for-the-tummy cakes, fragrant and beautifully-hued flowers and oh-so-soft toys!

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