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Teddy Bear and chocolates make the best Teddy Day gifts

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Teddy For Gifts

Teddy Day falls on 10th of February and the occasion is perfect to woo your lady love with cute Teddy Day gifts. Teddy Day is the day to celebrate love, care and your appreciation. Celebrated 4 days prior to the lover’s day or Valentine’s Day, the day gives you a chance to express your love for him or her. The celebration is incomplete without you gifting cute and huggable teddies. Talk about soft toys and you are reminded of teddy bears. They are an ultimate expression of love and care. It gives a feeling of coziness while creates a sense of belongingness also. Cute teddy may also be sent on the Valentine’s Day to appeal to the receiver. It has a softness which can simply win your love. The perfect gift does a wonderful job in conveying how special one feels for the significant other. Whether you wish to gift just a teddy bear or couple it with a box of chocolates, both are wonderful gestures of love. Send the stuffed bear along with box of handmade chocolates to add a personalized touch to the gift.


Teddy bears and chocolates are extremely romantic gifts

Nothing can personify love and romance better than a box of chocolates, teddy bear and flowers. If all three are given together, the gift will be most romantic gift. The gift is an archetypal ‘I Love You’ gift which can convey your love and strong feeling quite perfectly. The gifting option is flexible as you may buy just a teddy bear or buy it along with flowers/chocolates. Online gift stores also give a chance to customize the items. If you opt for customization option, you may choose as many flowers as possible. Teddy bear can also be availed at any size. Prepare a gift hamper and send it across.


Fun element

On receiving a sweet and cuddly teddy bear from you, the entire day of the receiver will be fun and enjoyable. To add spice to the Teddy Day gifts, you may deliver a musical teddy bear or your ‘I Love You’ message to delight the receiver. Similarly, you may get a teddy and tie red ribbons around the neck resembling a rope. On the rope, write a love note like ‘I am forever prisoner of your love’. The adorable sentiment is sure to invite a lot of laughter. On the other hand, wrap a beautiful gold chain around the neck of the teddy and send it across. The more you personalize your Teddy Day gift, better it will be.


A wonderful keepsake

Sending delicious and mouth-watering chocolates or candies are great but a teddy bear makes wonderful keepsake. The receiver can forever keep the teddy along with her. It will serve as the constant mometo of this special day.


Practically speaking, no other gift can embody love and Valentine’s Day better than a huggable teddy. Teddy with chocolate is a classy gift that can never move out of fashion. Sweet and cuddly teddy bear can make for the best sentimental gift also. Placing order to send gifts is an amazing way to commemorate such adorable day.

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