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The best ways of wishing Happy New Year to your loved one

Happy New Year

· New Year

New Year is just approaching and you are trying to find best ways of wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to the loved one. Apart from planning the party, you must also think about ways of adding special touch to the occasion. To show how much you love and care for the person, you may send new year gifts. Here you will find some amazing gift ideas that are sure to attract a ‘Thank You’ call from the receiver the moment the items are delivered.

Send beautiful and fragrance rich flowers to delight the receiver

If the receiver is a female, you have even more need to deliver fresh flowers. Beautiful flowers can evoke a variety of feelings. Indeed, they make excellent gifts for almost everyone. Whether you want to gift your girlfriend, your wife, your grandparents, parents or anyone else, you may send a bouquet of fresh flowers. This is the best way of wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to the loved one. Add paragraph text here.

Wishing good health in the coming year

You may wish good health to the receiver and send your New Year greetings by delivering a fruit basket. Fruit basket may be bought at various price ranges from INR20 to INR250. It all depends on the fruits you select. Consider the likes of the person. If the person likes apples, you may buy the entire basket of scarlet colored apples.

Buy chocolates, sweets and candies

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, you may gift sweets, chocolates and candies to wish ‘Happy New Year’. In this way you will add a touch of sweetness to the occasion. Everyone loves chocolates, sweets and candies and so you cannot be wrong with your choice. If the receiver is diabetic, you can choose sugar free sweets.

Buy handmade cakes and deliver across to the loved one

A lot many cake stores online sell handmade cakes. Handmade cakes are pricier than the usual kinds and are more delicious. Choose a baker who is known for delivering delicious and mouth-watering handmade cakes.

Choose a photo frame and scrapbook

If you want to bring an instant smile on the face of the receiver, gift a custom photo frame carrying an image of yours. It is a cute gifting option that will not cost you a fortune. You may also gift a scrapbook carrying the images of wonderful moments spent together.

Apart from sending a beautiful gift to the person, you may also arrange for a candle light dinner if she is your lady love. Gift teddies, dry fruits, gift hampers, home décor items to wish ‘Happy New Year’.

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