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Welcoming the New Year with Fresh and Fragrant Blossoms

New years flowers

Flowers are a joy forever, whatever be their hues, scents and arrangements! In fact, they represent a link with all the ‘good’ in life. Therefore, there can be no better way to welcome the New Year, than with a bouquet/vase of gorgeous-looking blooms!


Intelligent Combinations

Earlier, people could think of nothing beyond the king/queen of all flowers - roses. However, the initiation of online shopping has made it possible for them to peruse other kinds of blossoms, which are equally good-looking and convey the most sentimental of messages without having to put anything into words. Towards this end, therefore, they are able to pick up and forward creative combinations of blossoms as gifts for family members, special friends, etc, across the globe.


The combinations of New Year flowers include Gerbera, Bird of Paradise, roses, carnations, lilies, gladiolas, Anthurium and Orchids, all arranged innovatively in durable vases or strong bouquets.


Rare and Exotic

The terms immediately conjure up visions of aristocratic and chic-looking Orchids! These flowers represent different things for different cultures. However, people often look towards them as representations of fertility, love, royalty, innocence, grace, and so on. Whether the blooms are in blue, pink, purple, yellow or white in colour, no receiver will feel the need to complain about such a thoughtful gift.


Other flowers belonging to this category are Bird of Paradise, Anthurium and Lily. The extremely dignified Bird of Paradise seems to convey the impression of belonging to a patrician family, which deserves all the respect and reverence that anyone can bestow upon it. In contrast, the Anthurium appears rather flamboyant and showy, exhibiting a carefree attitude everywhere it goes. As for the lily, which appears in yellow, white, pink or orange garb, it prefers to follow the Bird of Paradise in behaviour. One will never find it moving from its stately and tall position, regardless of wherever one places it!


Common, yet Spectacular

Roses are the most well known of all flowers, showing up at all kinds of ordinary and extraordinary events. Yet, they have remained the most cherished gift, since Ancient Times! Regardless of whether the blossoms are beautifully pink, deeply red, brilliantly yellow or pure white in colour, they represent bewitching beauty and glorious fragrance, unparalleled in the plant kingdom!


White, pink or red carnations may not be as hypnotically bedazzling as roses, but they are no less spectacular in appearance! One may go for a single shade or a combination of shades. The gladiolas are equally bright in their hues, despite being rather small. The Gerbera are a big contrast to carnations and gladiolas, being quite open and large-sized like daisies. However, they cannot fail to bring a smile to the recipient’s face, since their mere appearance awards liveliness and life to the dullest of atmospheres!


People living in the countryside may not appreciate gifts of flowers, but people living in semi-urban and urban areas will definitely adore receiving them. This is because the latter resides in concrete jungles, bereft of gardens and natural beauty.


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